Leather seat maintenance tip 1:

Clean properly; The cleanliness of the leather chair is indispensable; When cleaning the leather seat of the car, the cleaning agent should be used to clean the dust and stains on the leather surface, so as to avoid erosion damage caused by bacteria and garbage pollutants on the leather seat, and to keep it dry and tidy.
Leather seat maintenance tip 2:

No soaking; Many car owners sometimes do not bother to wash, and then directly soak the seat, if the car leather seat after soaking, the leather will be damaged to a large extent.
Leather seat maintenance tip 3:

Away from heat sources; If you put something too hot close to the leather seat, it will lead to the phenomenon of leather cracking, and the leather seat that was originally intact will become unsightly. At the same time, leather seats should be avoided from being exposed to sunlight to avoid fading.
Leather seat maintenance tip 4:

Clever fattening; Properly fattening the leather of the seat can help the leather replenish nutrition, repair the wound, and make the leather surface more smooth and smooth. Feels softer and smoother to the touch.
Maintenance Tips:
First, regular vacuuming, regular vacuuming for your leather interior, is one of the best ways to extend its service life. If vacuum dusting cannot resolve the stain, it can be gently wiped with a soft damp cloth. Make sure to remove excess stains and gently wipe them with a soft, dry cloth.

Second, when cleaning leather, choose a leather cleaner must carefully check the instruction manual, the correct use of the cleaner.Detergents are very important, be sure to choose the appropriate cleaning agent, otherwise it will cause the car leather jewelry to dry out, or even cracks.

Third, avoid the surface of the dermis being injured.Avoid sharp or rough objects touching the leather surface. Such as zippers, keys or mobile phones. Objects such as pens should not touch the surface of the leather as much as possible to prevent stains from being difficult to clean.

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