Microfiber Leather Application And Market Analysis

Microfiber leather is generally used in shoe fabrics in sports shoes, travel shoes, leather shoes, women’s boots, labor insurance shoes, hiking shoes, roller skates, military boots, etc. The application requirements of shoe materials and leather are mainly the requirements for the overall beauty and comfort of the shoe materials; the requirements for functionalization and low-cost; the requirements for lightweight and high physical properties (resistance to yellowing, ultraviolet light, peeling, tearing, hydrolysis, deformation , Bonding, eager cutting, etc.); process adaptability requirements for secondary processing; requirements for environmental protection, which can be recycled or degraded, etc.

In the international market, the output of suede-like microfiber leather for automobiles in foreign countries, especially in Japan, is increasing by double digits every year, reaching 2.848 million square meters in 2004, 3.272 million square meters in 2005, and close to 3.926 million square meters in 2005. Synthetic leather for automobiles will speed up in the future and expand on a global scale.

As an emerging product, microfiber leather has a wide range of applications. Generally, it can also be used for sofa furniture, such as sofas, bedsides, luggage, handbags, etc.; for clothing fabrics, such as leather, casual wear, jackets, breeches, etc.; Used in glove craft decoration, such as golf gloves, mobile phone covers, mouse pads, gift boxes, jewelry cabinet interiors; used in military materials market, such as military boots, military gloves, military belts, etc.

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