In the production process of microfiber leather, we sometimes have such a design, that is, there will be a two-color effect. So what kind of process is this effect achieved? What is the technical category of this process? This is a question I want to introduce to you today. Let’s take a look.
The two-color effect treatment of microfiber leather is a part of dyeing process, and we often adopt different processing technology according to the production requirements of different colors. To do this process, we first color the coating, then embossing, then lightly coat the raised parts with other colors, and then roll brightener or feel agent.

In the process of production, the color of the upper and lower layers is inconsistent, resulting in two-color effect. If not made of embossed leather, in the second layer of color material, the nozzle tilt spray, due to pigment water on the leather uneven distribution and color difference, in the light of the dual-color effect. Embossed leather, polishing leather can be made of two – color effect.

In the production process of microfiber leather, we want to carry on the two-color processing of microfiber leather, the above is the process method of its use for you, I hope to be of certain help to you.

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