Microfiber leather are mainly divided into superfine natural fibers and superfine synthetic fibers. Ultra-fine natural fibers mainly include animal fibers (spider silk, silk, leather, animal hair, etc.), plant fibers, etc.; ultra-fine synthetic fibers mainly include polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, and glass Fiber and other fiber varieties.

Microfiber natural fiber

  1. Animal fiber In order to survive and develop, living organisms in the natural world have created a series of optimal compositions and structures under the promotion of the external environment, so that organisms have special structures and functions to adapt to the changes in the natural environment. For example, the diameter of the silk that spiders spit out in normal environments is 0.5-1.0μm, has good toughness (elongation at break of 14%), and has a strong ability to withstand heavy objects or strong external impacts. It can be used to prepare bulletproof vests and armor worn by soldiers. The protective cover of military machinery can also be used in aerospace, construction, medicine, health care and other fields, and has huge potential application value. Silk is another important natural protein fiber. It is composed of silk fibroin and sericin wrapped around the silk fibroin. Each silk is composed of two single fibers side by side. The linear density of the fiber after degumming is 1.1~1.3 dtex. The strength of silk is high, the elongation at break can reach 15%~25%, and the abrasion resistance is better than other natural fibers. It also has important applications in the medical, textile and military fields.
  2. Microfiber plant fiber, It is mainly distributed in the thick-walled tissues of seed plants. The basic component is cellulose, which is a polymerization of 7000~10000 glucose molecules connected by glycoside chains. Things. As an outstanding representative of ultra-fine natural plant fibers, the diameter of cotton fiber is 10-17μm, which constitutes the smallest unit of cotton fiber-the diameter of microfiber is about 6nm, which is widely distributed on the surface of plant seeds, which is the theoretical research and industrialization of the textile industry. Important raw material for application.

Microfiber leather

Microfiber leather has many properties mainly in the following aspects: 1)Soft and delicate hand feeling and good flexibility, 2)Good wrinkle resistance and abrasion resistance, 3)Good bulkiness and soft luster, 4)High-density fabric structure and high cleaning ability, 5)Good warmth retention, 6)High water and oil absorption, etc.

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