Microfiber leather is waterproof. Microfiber leather can be made waterproof or non-waterproof in the production procedures. Can be customized according to customer needs. Artificial leather is available in different materials, PU material or microfiber leather. They can be customized to be waterproof or not according to requirements during production.

Microfiber leather is a synthetic product that is similar in appearance and feel to leather and can be used instead. It is usually made of fabric as the base, coated with synthetic resin and various plastics. There are mainly three types of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) artificial leather, PU artificial leather and PU synthetic leather.

Microfiber leather is waterproof and can effectively resist the penetration of moisture. Therefore, whether it is raw materials of microfiber leather or finished products such as bags and shoes, they are less afraid of water. In this regard, it is stronger than genuine leather.

Microfibers are limited in terms of waterproofing as follows: the heat setting temperature of 100°C does not exceed 25 minutes, the temperature of 120°C does not exceed 10 minutes, and the temperature of 130°C does not exceed 5 minutes. Therefore, the waterproof ability is still good. It can be washed with water, but it cannot be soaked for a long time.

When cleaning microfiber leather goods, it should be noted that the microfiber leather goods should not be washed with water too frequently. You can wipe the microfiber leather every day, and then wipe it with a soft dry towel. Wipe it with a wet towel once a week. Remember not to pour too much water, as long as there is a little moisture. Various colors of microfiber leather, especially light-colored microfiber leather, will be dyed after a long time of use. It can be diluted with a cleaning solution such as detergent, soak with a towel in water and wipe the surface of the microfiber leather, then use the towel to dip a glass bottle of “safe bleach” to wipe off the dirt, and finally soak in water to wipe the surface of the microfiber leather with a towel clean.

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