What Is Microfiber How Are Microfiber classified

The excellent performance of microfiber leather mainly comes from the base fabric of microfiber leather, and the base fabric of microfiber leather is made of ultra-fine fibers through non-woven fabric processing. So first of all, let’s understand how the structure of microfiber affects the performance of microfiber leather.

microfiber, also known as superfine denier. (Denier (dtex) is the unit of fiber fineness, one gram of silk weighing 9000 meters long is denier, and the unit of fineness of silk is 1.1 denier). There are different definitions of ultrafine fibers. Generally, fibers with a fineness of 0.3 denier (5 microns in diameter) or less are called ultrafine fibers. Japan has produced ultra-fine filaments of 0.00009 denier. If such a filament is pulled from the earth to the moon, its weight will not exceed 5 grams. The varieties of ultra-fine fibers include ultra-fine denier nylon yarns, ultra-fine denier nylon yarns, ultra-fine denier polyester yarns, ultra-fine denier polypropylene yarns, etc., while the vast majority of ultra-fine fibers in my country are ultra-fine nylon fibers, while Japan is mainly ultra-fine nylon fibers. Fine polyester fiber.

Superfine fibers can be divided into two categories: island type and split type. The sea-island type microfiber is divided into fixed island type and indefinite island type; split type can be divided into “m-shaped” (also called radial type), “hollow radial type”, “gear type” and “orange petals” Type” etc. In my country, the main products are indefinite island type, and there are a small number of fixed island type microfiber and one orange petal type microfiber manufacturer.

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