What is microfiber PU leather?

Microfiber PU leather consists of two parts, nylon microfiber and polyurethane, which are tightly connected together. In the structure of the base fabric, the ultrafine fibers are three-dimensionally cross-linked together to act as a skeleton and support, forming a structure similar to dermal collagen fibers. Distributed around the fiber is polyurethane, which makes the entire synthetic leather base fabric form a whole and has many functions. It is not a simple filling in the leather body, but has many round, needle-shaped foaming structures, and the whole is a three-dimensional network. The hair groove structure in between is staggered and connected to form a fine permeable structure, so that the leather body has a certain degree of breathability and moisture permeability.

Microfiber PU synthetic leather is a new type of high-grade artificial leather made of very fine fibers. It can be used in various fields such as shoes, bags, furniture, car interiors, etc. It has the characteristics of genuine leather and superior indicators than genuine leather. Polyurethane synthetic leather based on superfine fiber non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional network structure is a new generation of synthetic leather developed in recent years. Some people call it the fourth generation of artificial leather, which is comparable to high-grade natural leather and has the inherent characteristics of natural leather. Its moisture absorption and breathability, and it surpasses natural leather in terms of chemical resistance, water resistance, and mildew resistance.

Microfiber PU leather is the addition of microfibers to PU polyurethane, which further enhances the toughness, air permeability and abrasion resistance; it has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, air permeability, and aging resistance.Microfiber PU has a wide range of applications. Microfiber has better physical properties than leather and has a stable surface, making it almost replace leather. It is widely used in clothing coats, furniture sofas, decorative soft bags, gloves, car seats, and car interiors. Decorations, photo frames, albums and daily necessities, etc.

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