The difference between microfiber leather and PU leather

The difference between microfiber leather and pu leather is    also a kind of PU, which is closer to the leather, and its performance is superior to PU. The full name of the ultra-fine leather is “microfiber reinforced leather”. It has excellent wear resistance, excellent breathability, aging resistance, softness and comfort, strong flexibility and environmental protection that is now advocated. After the PU is added to the microfiber, the toughness, gas permeability and wear resistance of the polyurethane are further strengthened, that is, the ultra-fibre skin; the PU skin is the skin of the polyurethane component, and the polyurethane leather has excellent performance.

1, Microfiber leather is the best regenerated skin. The skin texture is very similar to the leather. The hand feel is soft like leather. It is difficult for outsiders to distinguish between leather and recycled leather.

2, Microfiber leather, is a newly developed high-grade leather in synthetic leather, belonging to the new type of leather. Because of its wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, it has become the ideal choice to replace natural leather.

3, The natural dermis is made up of a number of collagen fibers of varying thickness, woven into two layers, a granular layer and a mesh layer. The grain layer is woven from very fine collagen fibers, and the mesh is made of coarse collagen. Woven fibers.

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