Synthetic leather is not genuine leather. Synthetic leather is mainly made of artificial leather with resin and non-woven fabric as the main raw materials. Although it is not genuine leather, the fabric of synthetic leather is very soft and is used in many products in life. It has made up for the lack of genuine leather and really entered people’s daily life. Moreover, its application range is very wide and has gradually replaced natural genuine leather. Therefore, at present, the advantages of synthetic leather have far exceeded that of real leather.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of synthetic leather.

The appearance of superfine fiber PU synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather. The non-woven fabric of its three-dimensional structure network creates conditions for synthetic leather to catch up with and surpass natural leather in terms of substrate. Combined with the newly developed processing technology of Pu slurry impregnation and composite surface layer with open hole structure, it gives play to the huge surface area and strong water absorption of superfine fiber, so that the superfine fiber synthetic leather has the inherent moisture absorption characteristics of natural leather with bundle superfine collagen fiber. Therefore, it can be comparable with leather in terms of internal microstructure, appearance texture, physical properties and people’s wearing comfort.

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