Faux Leather Microfiber Product Cleaning Instructions

Ordinary dirt, smudges and water-soluble stains such as coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, milk, beer, and wine can be removed with mild soap and water. Use a clean cloth or soft sponge to dab the stain with soapy water. Remove the soap solution by wiping the area with a cloth and clean water. Dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towel.
Very stubborn stains or non-water soluble stains can be removed with a mild solvent such as […]

How and Why Should Car Owner Choose Superb Polishing Leather?

It is very important for us to keep our beloved cars, Windows, sofas and other items with leather materials. But what polishing cloth’s advantage for cars, windows, sofas and other items with leather materials how can we know?
This texture creates a realistic and sophisticated look that can rival the look of real leather. Another popular option is a metallic finish, which adds a touch of glamour and elegance to any piece of furniture. Regardless of the texture or finish, synthetic […]

Leather Terminology

The procedure of cleaning, caring and finishing leather products such as leather clothes, leather goods and leather shoes.
The basic raw material of leather making, taken from the skin of various animals (mainly domestic animals), the skin that has not been or has been preserved before leather processing.
Note: common name: rawhide.
After physical processing and chemical treatment process and made, has been denatured, not easy to decay, can be used for processing and making leather products of […]

How To Maintain The Microfiber Leather

How To Maintain The Microfiber Leather
For microfiber leather application products, they generally do not need special maintenance due to their durability. As for the raw materials of microfiber leather, it should be stored away from dust and moisture, away from acid and alkaline substances, and away from sunlight and high temperature environments. Store leathers of different colors separately as much as possible to avoid color migration caused by direct contact. In addition, keep away from sharp objects and try […]

How To Maintain The Leather Upholstered Chair

How To Maintain The Leather Upholstered Chair
The application of leather upholstered chairs in the catering industry is very extensive. For example, western restaurants, hot pot restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Mala Tang restaurants and other restaurants will be equipped with leather upholstered chairs. The editor of Dining Tables and Chairs Network shares some tips on the daily maintenance of leather upholstered chairs. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
There are many kinds of leather materials used to make leather upholstered […]