How to Distinguish Microfiber Leather

How to Distinguish Microfiber Leather   Microfiber leather is also a kind of artificial leather, but it is very durable, resistant to aging, and even better than ordinary leather. If you can see the back or cross-section, it is easy to distinguish it from other artificial leathers. The back or cross-section of microfiber leather has fine fibers that closely resemble real leather, while other artificial leathers have no or just fabric-like textiles. If you can’t see the back or the cut surface, it [...]

Four Methods for Identifying the Quality of Microfiber Leather

Four Methods for Identifying the Quality of Microfiber Leather   Quality identification is the only standard for judging the quality of the product. The identification methods of microfiber leather are mainly the following four. The editor briefly introduces its use method and hopes to help you in your future choices.     The first method of identifying leather: look, it is mainly used to identify the type of leather and the quality of the leather grain. Observe that the surface of the leather has more [...]

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