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Can Artificial Leather Replace Natural Leather?

Considering the feel of this issue alone, the microfiber leather and some high-end PU material in artificial leather can be almost indistinguishable from the appearance of the leather feel.
The closest is microfiber, microfiber is nozzle spray out of the microfiber, stacked to a certain thickness after using a similar non-woven production process with a needle to tie the fiber filaments more closely, and then injected into the auxiliary filling, microfiber, in the structure is a simulated biological fiber tissue […]

Ten Rules of Microfiber Leather Maintenance

Microfiber leather products in the process of use, it is very necessary to carry out proper maintenance of it. In the process of its maintenance, we should pay attention to, take the correct maintenance method, can really play an effective role. So, what kind of law do we have to follow when it comes to maintenance? This is a problem that WINIW wants to introduce to you today.

1, microfiber leather products need once a week with a dry towel […]

Introduction of Novel Plant Leather Materials

Desserto – Cactus
Desserto, a Mexican start-up, is a biomaterial company dedicated to creating highly sustainable pure leather. The founders were Adri á n l ó PEZ Velarde and Marte C á zarez. They had previously worked in the furniture, automobile and fashion industries. After witnessing the serious environmental pollution caused by leather, they decided to resign and look for materials to replace leather.
In July 2019, desserto developed a new material that can replace leather with cactus and named it […]

What is recycled leather?

What is recycled leather?
Regenerated leather has both the characteristics of genuine leather and PU leather, and is a very common leather fabric today. So what is recycled leather? Let’s take a look at recycled leather.
Regenerated leather is to pulverize leather or regenerated leather raw materials into leather fibers of a certain size, and then mix it with natural rubber, resin and other raw materials, and then compress it into a filter cake; heat the filter cake to make the […]

What Are Biodegradable Leather And Recycled Leather

What Are Biodegradable Leather And Recycled Leather
able leather

Definition of biodegradable leather

Biodegradable leather refers to artificial leather and synthetic leather that are discarded after being used. It is degraded and assimilated to produce water, carbon dioxide, methane, etc., and finally inorganic It is transformed into PU or PVC artificial leather synthetic leather material that carbon cycle in nature.

The significance of biodegradable leather

Solve the current serious environmental pollution problem of “white garbage”. At present, all countries have issued mandatory laws to […]