China Custom Faux Leather PU Fabric for Football

China Custom Faux Leather PU Fabric for Football

PU Artificial Leather for Football Soccer Making!

Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.4mm, customized.

Material: Nonwoven backing PU Leather, Microfiber Leather.

Color: White.

Texture: customized.


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 China Custom Faux Leather PU Fabric for Football.

WINIW supply high quality Nonwoven Backing PU Artificial Leather, PU coated synthetic leather,  Microfiber Synthetic Leather used specially for making football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and other sports balls. High Quality PU Artificial Leather, PU Synthetic Leather, Faux Leather Fabric, Microfiber Leather used specially for Football, Soccer Making!


Product Instruction:

WINIW Custom Faux Leather PU Fabric for Football, is lightweight, durable, and has a smooth finish that provides superior grip and ball control. The fabric is water-resistant, breathable, and easy to clean. It also has excellent abrasion resistance and is ideal for making basketballs, shoes, bags, and other sports equipment. Its soft feel makes it comfortable to wear while its strong construction ensures it will last for years. This fabric is perfect for customizing basketballs with team logos or designs.


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1. Q: Can the products be manufactured by customer’s requirement?
A: Yes, the specifications stated above are the standard ones, we can design and manufacture as requirement.

2. Q: How to solve the quality trouble during using ?
A: Please email us about problem with pictures or a small video will be better,we will find the problem and solve it.

3.Q: If l have a product wants to be made in other special material, can you do it?
A: Of course, you just need to provide us designed drawings or sample and R&D department will estimate that whether we can do or not, we will give you the most satisfactory


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