Mildew-Resistant Microfiber UltraSuede Artificial Suede Leather

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Mildew-Resistant Microfiber Ultrasuede Artificial Suede Leather Wholesale Supplier Manufacturer in China.


Material Specification of WINIW Microfiber UltraSuede Artificial Suede Leather:

Type: Artificial leather ( Polyurethane impregnated Non-Woven Fabric).

Material: Nylon 55%, Poly Urethane 45%.

Thickness : 0.5mm – 1.4 mm

Width : 54″(137 cm).

Color: Customized. 

MOQ: 300 meters.

Lead time: 10-15 days.





Material features of WINIW Microfiber UltraSuede Artificial Suede Leather: 

1) This microfiber suede has become an ideal alternative to natural leather!
2) The performance is better than that of genuine leather! Its surface effect is consistent with that of genuine leather. Tear resistance, wear resistance, tensile strength, etc., are more than leather, and cold resistance, acid resistance,Light weight, soft and good air permeability, smooth and feel good!
3) Comparing with natural leather, it’s more cheaper than real leather, has hige cutting value, can reduce the cost and increase the competitive in the market. 
4) This microfiber suede can be dealed with waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial treatment. 
5) Now it’s widly used on Shoes, Bags, Gloves. For shoes, it always used on the back counter for it’s anti-slip and wear abrasion. Used on the upper of Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s shoes, on upper lining, sock lining for its breathable and absorbent characters. It can make feet comfortable, dry without any smells. It can also used on the upper dirrectly instead of the cow suede leather due to almost the same outlooking and great charcters both in physical and chemical. 




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