Pakistan leather is the second-largest export sector of country.

Pakistan’s leather industry is the second largest export sector after the textile industry, with annual exports of $874 million and export potential to be developed. Pakistan’s leather industry is mainly divided into leather garments, leather gloves, leather shoes and leather goods. Pakistan is a big producer of leather clothing and gloves. Pakistan’s leather industry plays an important role in the development of Pakistan’s national economy, accounting for 4% of GDP. According to leather experts, Pakistan’s leather technology and product quality [...]

LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® Eco-leather certification-II

“We have always known that OEKO-TEX is a very well-known standard and is used in the retail market, and we also have products in the retail market.” “In 2017, we learned that the new LEATHER STANDARD will replace the STANDARD 100 we used in our product category,” said Leroy Parker, technical director of Auskin Group in Australia. The label has the same rigorous testing standards, but has been improved to meet the needs of the leather industry and ultimately [...]

LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® Eco-leather certification-I

Provide a full year transparent consumer protection and optimal quality assurance scheme for leather goods manufacturers. From childhood, leather products and filled with every aspect of our lives, for example, the sheepskin baby household carpet, shoes, elegant design, as well as plane, train and car seats, etc. For all consumers, the reliable proof that leather products do not contain any harmful substances such as sensitized chromium is an important factor in the determination to purchase leather products.Over the past year, [...]

New Zealand scientists are awarded the IULTCS research award.

International leather technologists and chemists association will be awarded 2018 young leather scientists research awards to 2018 euros in New Zealand leather footwear association for the study of Zhang Yi , in order to encourage young leather workers working in the leather industry. The award is intended to encourage Mr Zhang to study the technique of neutron-scattering techniques for enhancing the strength of leather. The international association of leather technologists and chemists said the technology would improve the tensile strength [...]

Russia extended the ban on semi-finished leather goods for half a year

Russian prime minister dmitry medvedev recently, 1130 government resolution, regulation since October 5, 2017 to April 2018 within 5 days, banned from the export to the domestic market has the important significance of the tanning without MAO cowhide, horse leather and leather.H S code 410411、410419   In addition, the government has recommended that the Eurasian economic commission request that other countries in the Eurasian economic union also temporarily ban the export of the leather semi-finished products.   Previously, the Russian government [...]

Where is the future of artificial leather

Artificial leather entrepris should  focus on development of environmental protection and the Internet on the way for the future, because if do bad, on the environmental development is really struggling, the development of the Internet is certainly can be a lot of ascension from the sales and popularity. There has been a trend in recent years: the leather industry has grown faster and faster.China leather industry, as a traditional labor-intensive industry, has been developing for more than 30 years, and has become [...]

China leather industry is committed to “green intellectual” to restore competitive advantage

In the first half of this year, China’s leather industry was developing with great growth and export growth was obvious.However, there are still some uncertainties in the future development of the industry, and the practitioners need to grasp the trend of the industry and advance in order to improve the traditional kinetic energy and cultivate new competitiveness.   At present, China’s economic development has entered a new normal, and it is evolving into a more advanced stage, with more complex division [...]

For Whatever Reasons, Leather Is Already Not The Best Seat Fabric Anymore

For Whatever Reasons, Leather Is Already Not The Best Seat Fabric Anymore    These few days, a news had shocked my heart with waves.Foreign journalists have visited the arctic fox farm in Poland, where the environment is quite shocking. In order to get a larger area of fur, these beautiful and cute ” little guys”were in captivity in a cage to ” gain weight “. Arctic foxes in the wild can generally grow to 3.5 kilograms, but the arctic foxes in farm are [...]

The microfiber-leather industry,needs innovation

In fact, the industry has been stagnant for some time. The reason is that it is more to face than to solve the problem.However, in conclusion, it is necessary to rely on the innovation of core technology to achieve breakthrough development in the industry.So, how do you do that?   The production of microfiber leather, from raw materials to technology, requires a series of innovations,At present, its upstream raw material is polyurethane paste, nylon slice and so on.The downstream is mainly [...]

Full Grain Microfiber Leather in this year has been a lot of attention

18th to 21st April ,The 19th China (Jinjiang) international footwear industry and the second international sports expo were held in Jinjiang, Fujian province.Show with “booster sports city fusion, vying for shipment event in the world” as the theme, highlighting the internationalization, sports, elements such as innovation and marketing, managed to attract domestic and overseas more than 70 countries and regions, 14 million merchants.   This exhibition focuses on the “One Belt And One Road” national strategy.Companies from countries along the One Belt And One Road [...]