0.6mm Microfiber Ultrasuede Nubuck Suede For Orthotic Footwear

0.6mm Microfiber Ultrasuede Nubuck Suede For Orthotic Footwear

1.Less elongation.

2.High color fastness.


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WINIW microfiber Ultrasuede nubuck suede leather is a new type of high-tech material with its unique properties: less elongation, high color fastness and scratch resistance. It is a fabric with high technical properties that perfectly mimics the properties of natural leather and is suitable for orthotic shoes.


Less elongation.High color fastness.Scratch-resistant.
The microfiber Ultrasuede nubuck suede leather can provide stable support and protection, so that the orthopedic shoes can maintain a good appearance and comfort during use.Our microfiber Ultrasuede nubuck suede leathers are carefully treated and rigorously tested to ensure that the color fastness is of the highest standard. Whether it’s the effects of sunlight, friction or detergents, our leather retains its original color for a long time.Our microfiber nubuck suede leather has excellent scratch resistance and is resistant to scratches and abrasions. Whether in everyday use or in other scenarios, our leathers remain beautiful and durable.


Brand NameWINIW
MaterialWINIW Microfiber Ultrasuede Nubuck Suede
Composition55% Nylon + 45% Polyurethane
Thickness2.4mm, 2mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm, 1.4mm, 1.2mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm
ColorGrey, Blue, Pink, Yellow, customized colors
Minimum Order Quantity300 linear meters
Lead time15-20 days
Production Capacity1,000,000 meters monthly
Use Orthopedic shoes
Place of OriginFujian, China


 Professional team. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the leather industry. Our professional team will provide customized solutions according to the needs of customers and provide professional advice to customers.
♣ High quality. We specialize in the production of high quality leather products. We use advanced microfiber technology to produce leather with excellent durability and wear resistance.
♥ Variety. Our leather covers the needs of different areas, such as furniture, automotive interiors, leather products and more. We will continue to provide high quality leather to meet the needs of our customers.


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