Synthetic Leather

Synthetic Leather

Top-quality sustainable Synthetic Leather at an Unbeatable Price

Tailored to our client’s custom requirements, our microfiber synthetic leather is durable, stain-resistant, and has versatile application areas.

Premium-grade synthetic Leather with Brilliant Color Variations

At WINIW take pride in the quality, efficiency, and versatility of our manufactured synthetic leather. Completely identical to authentic leather, it’s eco-friendly and comes with endless color variations, and customized embosses.

Having access to the latest manufacturing equipment and employing cutting-edge manufacturing processes, we ensure quality synthetic leather production, meeting industry standards while fitting both your budget and requirements impeccably. We host a wide array of color variations in microfiber synthetic leather, including shades of brown, beige, black, red, maroon, cream, grey, and any customized color you ask for!

Different Application Areas of Our Faux Leather

Our top-quality, multifaceted microfiber synthetic leather marks its uses in different industries, including fashion, automotive, commercial goods, and furnishings. Read more in detail:


Being durable, smoke and fire-resistant, and scratch-proof, our faux leather is an excellent choice for manufacturing upholsteries for cars, trucks, bikes, and trains. With grainy texture and rich color, it adds class and grace to the automobiles. Besides, the leathers we produce are a great fit for crafting bus head liners, car dashboards, etc. 

Leather Fashion Accessories & Sports Accessories

Our fabric artificial leather has a big hype in the fashion and commercial goods industry. Being a top-tier synthetic leather supplier, we supply our quality printed, well-embossed leather for crafting fashion accessories like purses, wallets, briefcases, bags, and belts. Due to its sturdiness and low-maintenance nature, our fabric synthetic leather has immense uses in the sports industry for crafting footballs, sports gloves, pads, etc.


Our fabric synthetic leather is a go-to choice for furnishing manufacturers to replace the cowhides. With a real leather-like look and feel, our faux leather seat covers and upholstery enhance the appearance of sofas and chairs. Featuring durability, countless color and embossing options, and quality stitching, our leather complements the design of the furnishings, ensuring comfort to the users. 


Our artificial leather is an outstanding replacement for the traditional leathers used in the footwear industry. Being highly durable, scuff-proof, and easy to clean, our artificial leather is widely used to craft shoes, sandal insoles, shoe lining, etc.

The artificial leather we manufacture does not get wrinkles or easy wear and tear, making it investment-worthy!  

Features that make our Synthetic Leather one-of-a-kind

While manufacturing and processing synthetic leather, we incorporate customized features in it to make it industry-specific. Here are some of the top-tier features our synthetic leather is known for:

  • Moisture permeability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Multiple textured surface
  • Color-fastness
  • Color variations
  • Stain and salt-water-resistant
  • Weather-proof
  • Free from the chances of cold crack
  • Low maintenance and highly durable 

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to offering quality and versatile faux leather at a competitive price makes us your reliable synthetic leather supplier. We process the leather after manufacturing to customize its thickness, color, and finishing so that it can meet specific application requirements. Additionally, we take orders in bulk and ensure timely delivery. Speaking of quality, our manufactured synthetic leather looks and feels so real that nobody can distinguish it from original animal leather with bare eyes. 

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