Conversion of Microfiber Leather and Leather Measurement Size

Conversion of Microfiber Leather and Leather Measurement Size

Microfiber leather generally uses meters or yards as the unit of measurement, while leather generally uses feet as the unit of measurement. Because of the different measurement units, many manufacturers who want to use microfiber leather instead of real leather do not know how to convert the cost. Here is a demonstration of the conversion.

The rated width of the microfiber leather is 1.37 meters, so one meter of microfiber in the usual sense refers to 1.37*1=1.37 square meters, then one yard of microfiber is 1.37*0.9144=1.25 square meters (one yard = 0.9144 meters)

Leather is measured in square feet, 1 foot=0.3048 meters, 1 square foot=0.3048*0.3048=0.093 square meters

So if the area is calculated and the loss is not considered

One meter of microfiber leather=1.37/0.093=14.7 feet of genuine leather

One yard of microfiber leather=1.25/0.093=13.5 feet of genuine leather

For example, if a customer purchases a yard of microfiber leather at a price of 100 yuan, then the converted one foot is 100/13.5=7.4 yuan, so that the cost of real leather or double-layer leather can be compared.

Of course, because of the irregular shape of the real leather, the loss rate during the cutting process is relatively high. From the perspective of utilization, microfiber leather unintentionally has a great advantage.


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