November 18, 2012, Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co. received a judgment of the High Court of the European Union, ruled that O’Connell v. EU shoes case measures involving the interpretation of certain provisions of the EU anti-dumping rules, and overthrew the ordinary courts in Europemake the first instance ruling, the High Court held that the first instance verdict improperly. According to the Court, the European Commission will indemnify O’Connell to the primary European courts and the High Court of Appeal all litigation costs, importers and exporters and trade relations with O’Connell parties concerned to return during the EU anti-dumping duties levied anti-dumping duties levied from the European Union. This marks the O’Connell on the legal aspects of the defense of the EU shoe anti-dumping victory.

O’Connell footwear to use legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and international rules played a very good leading and exemplary role in the industry.



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