“We have always known that OEKO-TEX is a very well-known standard and is used in the retail market, and we also have products in the retail market.” “In 2017, we learned that the new LEATHER STANDARD will replace the STANDARD 100 we used in our product category,” said Leroy Parker, technical director of Auskin Group in Australia. The label has the same rigorous testing standards, but has been improved to meet the needs of the leather industry and ultimately consumers. Parker explained why he decided to use LEATHER STANDARD.

“Independent certification from LEATHER STANDARD helps us get more customer orders.” Zhai gongcheng, a designer of longfeng fur enterprises, summed up the advantages of the standard. The company is now the world’s largest manufacturer of sheep shearing and sheepskin. Manufacturers in Indonesia, PT. AdiSatria Abadi ASA director Budi Purwoko the standards are also thought to help enterprises to exploit new markets and increased international exports: “especially for our gloves products used in the processing of leather the focus areas.”

Can reassure our customers immediately, and know our products passed the field is directly related to the various test of our products, “Auskin Group Parker added,” the second, as a manufacturer, we know that your product will through the measure of the highest industry standards. This is consistent with our internal independent quality assurance and quality control, which makes us more confident to sell our products to countries and regions around the world.

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