In the first half of this year, China’s leather industry was developing with great growth and export growth was obvious.However, there are still some uncertainties in the future development of the industry, and the practitioners need to grasp the trend of the industry and advance in order to improve the traditional kinetic energy and cultivate new competitiveness.


At present, China’s economic development has entered a new normal, and it is evolving into a more advanced stage, with more complex division of labor and a more rational structure

People’s living standards have been significantly improved, and the yearning for a better life has been stronger, and the demand has been diversified and multi-layered.

From the international level, in the international financial crisis still exists, in the context of world economic growth, China’s development coruscate gives new vitality, has become the important engine of global economic stable growth.

In this context, China’s leather industry has marched into the changes in the rate of growth, industrial structure adjustment, the critical period for the development of power conversion, to deal with the challenges under the new situation, seize opportunities, must set all the wisdom, to innovation as the driving force, aimed at “green intelligence”, realize the leap-forward development of leather industry.

From China’s state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, the ministry and other relevant national ministries and the China light industry federation, the leadership of the leather industry production, management, scientific research institutions across the country and the local leather industry association, the representative of the chamber of commerce, such as gathered, a major factor of reform of common interpretation of the supply side, analyze the domestic and international market competition environment and the consumer demand change, cross-border innovative thinking and share industry competitive advantage building, in order to realize new glory of Chinese leather industry

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