Provide a full year transparent consumer protection and optimal quality assurance scheme for leather goods manufacturers.

From childhood, leather products and filled with every aspect of our lives, for example, the sheepskin baby household carpet, shoes, elegant design, as well as plane, train and car seats, etc. For all consumers, the reliable proof that leather products do not contain any harmful substances such as sensitized chromium is an important factor in the determination to purchase leather products.Over the past year, with a LEATHER STANDARD byOEKO – TEX ® label products, namely that the approved independent laboratory aimed at a large amount of harmful material inspection, in accordance with strict OEKO – TEX ® STANDARD.
At the same time, LEATHER STANDARD also provides practical support for LEATHER manufacturers and suppliers to supplement their human ecological quality assurance systems. And crucially, each big enterprise with emphasis on LEATHER STANDARD label, with the tools of a transparent, clear and reliable way to show the LEATHER products retailers and online stores products bear the social responsibility.

Since officially launched in January 2017, is now nearly 40 certificate issued, covering all kinds of products, including clothing, leather fashion bedroom furniture accessories goatskin carpet, and the Italian classic fashion brand Zanellato leather bags.”The industry’s response has been positive, including retailers and end consumers, which is enough to show that LEATHER STANDARD meets real market demand.” When it comes to the success of the label, Georg Dieners, the secretary general of oeko-tex, said with some excitement that demand: strong growth.

The world’s leading textile STANDARD STANDARD by OEKO TEX – 100 ® test of all kinds of harmful substances. In the same way, LEATHER STANDARD also aims to regulate the broad market of LEATHER products and provide effective protection for consumers.Test standards and limited values are updated every year and are applicable to all parts of the world.
Only when all parts of the product, including LEATHER, metal buttons, zipper and other auxiliary materials, meet the effective requirements, can we pass the LEATHER STANDARD certification. About the LEATHER STANDARD by the detailed information of the OEKO – TEX ® certification for enquiry OEKO – TEX ® official representative offices in China TESTEX Swiss textile detection co., LTD.

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