New trends of the status quo and development of synthetic leather base material

Leather goods are divided into natural leather and artificial leather, with the increase of the world economy and people life level unceasing enhancement, the growing demand for leather. Since 1990 s, however, as countries increase the intensity of the maintenance to the environment, implemented the “return grazing land to returning farmland to forest, such as ecological recovery method, makes the leather production is falling, artificial synthetic leather part is being increasingly used instead of real leather, so to compensate for the lack of natural leather and satisfied everyone to a higher level of demand, artificial synthetic leather industry will have a broader space for development.


Artificial leather fabrics in domestic generally refers to as the base and the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for the dip coating material made of synthetic resin imitation leather materials. It lacks some inherent structure and properties of natural leather. Simple to harden, crack or peel. For the use of performance is not enough ambition, usually cheap imitation leather products.


Synthetic leather on the structure and performance are imitating natural leather. The goods to the weaving wool cloth or nonwoven cloth as the backing material. The high polymer material such as polyurethane (PU) dip, synthetic leather has three-dimensional structure, simulation skin abrasion resistance, good elasticity, soft, high tensile strength, resistance to solvent. This information can be same as natural leather piece of cutting, grinding and have specific breathable, moisture permeability functions of natural leather.


Synthetic leather generally refers to nonwovens, machine weaving, knitting cloth at the bottom. Meanwhile make the base in nonwovens synthetic leather simulation, most synthetic leather widely used in shoes, clothing, decoration, etc. In nonwovens for synthetic leather base has already reached more than 10% of the total output, but also increase continuously of trend.


Non-woven synthetic leather base cloth material first include: general fiber and superfine fiber. First choose spunlace nonwovens synthetic leather base cloth, two reinforcement methods of acupuncture. Base material in after the new data of resin impregnated, grade separation construction plans to leather goods.


The classification of the 2 nonwovens synthetic leather base cloth


2.1 nonwoven fabric


Nonwoven material can include a variety of chemical fiber and natural fiber, and as long as the current basically choose polyester, rayon, nylon, polyolefin fiber and so on several kinds, in order to develop more goods to used to market demand, it is necessary to choose diversified material.


Fibers used in nonwovens synthetic leather base cloth has a general type fiber and two-component split type superfine fibers. China’s artificial leather synthetic leather with general type fiber such as polyamide fiber producing synthetic leather is not demand open fiber technology, not open fiber formation and water pollution, but the simulation is a bit poor; Simulation of superfine fiber synthetic leather, by contrast, it is better to many, but the demand for the fiber technology.


Sea island fibers in recent years is the hot in career, also is a kind of two-component or blend fiber, part of the “island” generally for polyester or nylon, “sea” part can be polystyrene, water-soluble polyester (3 – sodium sulfonate – 1, 4 2 formic acid copolyesters of benzene/ethylene glycol terephthalate), plasticizing or saponification polyvinyl alcohol; “The sea” is used to maintain the superfine “island” in the process. Then in the back of the processing, with alkali deweighting method or organic solvent such as toluene, vinyl chloride, carbon tetrachloride, will dissolve to “sea”, won the “island” of superfine fibers. Current fiber fineness is generally selected as 3 d, section contains 37 “island”, single fine degree is less than 0.05 d, the finest of 0.001 d.

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