Leather gloves is known as one of the most old gloves, head layer cowhide, goat, pig and sheep leather, glove is made, these leather and not easy to be damaged, long using life spans and fine processing and disposal of making leather gloves wear comfortable, catch the goods accurately and other leather gloves have heat and insulation function better interests.

The first layer leather:

The outermost layers of leather, some from the skin of leather, the leather does not need any mechanical processing and finishing.

First layer of the interests of the gloves: sensitive operation, refreshed, catch function accurately.

Second floor leather:

The inner layer of leather to choose open or remove the outer layer of the dermis.

The interests of the second floor leather gloves: wear-resisting, suitable for dry heavy manual labor.

The varieties of leather and its benefits:


Cow skin: some protective gloves use cow skin, first from the scrape ribs. Characteristics: soft, sensitive, and excellent wear resistance, resistance to tear and puncture proof ability.

And skin: some made of second floor leather gloves are used for moving and heat use items. Will often go with cow back second floor skin, choose a convex shoulder is less, the ribs on the second floor leather quality owe good, usually seldom used. Features: the capital is lower than the cow skin, wear-resisting function is excellent.


Thickness of single layer: it’s usually can’t pull out second skin, its interest lies in is lighter than leather. Because it USES the thickness of the originally, suitable for better resistance to mechanical gloves, because the fiber is not block, its grinding resistance and penetration resistance is enhanced, hypothesized that Rou system, there will be a very good effect. Characteristics: soft, sensitive, excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance, puncture proof function. Wear resistance depends on the thickness of the leather, it is usually use the thickness of 1.1 1.3 MM (good mechanical function) may be 0.6 1.0 MM (softness and sensitivity is better).


Big pig head skin and second skin: some gathered in Asian countries, due to its poor mechanical resistance and Rou system after the sensitive effect of owe good, so is used to do a brief barrier effect of gloves. Features: low price.

Lamb skin:

A single layer of skin, because of its poor resistance to wear and tear resistance function, under normal circumstances, only used to make usually gloves. Lamb skin thickness and its sensitivity is proportional to the, more thin wear more sensitive and refreshed. Characteristics: soft, sensitive.


Dermal resistance situation and the primary purpose of leather gloves

The first layer leather gloves: small and medium-sized objects handling or operation. Waterproof coating oil first layer leather gloves: oily parts of equipment, oily steel carrying, woodworking, outdoors or humid place. Second floor leather gloves: sharp objects, incision operation, smooth object and welding equipment, handling. Thermal layer leather gloves: fever, demoulding and welding operations. Coating layer leather gloves, heavy items, the operation of the sharp objects, anti-fouling. Special disposal of leather gloves The beach: use a mineral oil or disposal to prevent water from entering the fluoride resin, such treatment can improve the leather machinery make it more wear-resisting, and increase the comfortable degree of gloves (soft) and extended sensitivity (sensitivity), and can extend using life. The characteristics of waterproof gloves: very good sensitivity, after use, can stick to soft in wet place, longer using life. Comfortable in the use and movement accurately. Oil resistant beach: economic cooperation into mineral oil or disposal of fluoride resin, oil and water can be prevented from entering. Such treatment can improve the leather machinery, more wear-resisting, and increase the sensation gloves (soft) and extending the sensitivity (sensitivity), and can extend life spans. Beach gloves resistant characteristics: very good sensitivity, in oily after use, can stick to soft and moist place, longer using life, action accurately. Thermal leather: through disposal make leather more heat, reduce shorten when contact with the flame. The disposal make the leather in contact with the heat source to identify the leather dyed yellow. Such treatment can also be used for skin. Polyurethane coating layer skin: the skin on the second floor are entered in the use of PU coating can waterproof and oil proof and improving the mechanical function of leather. : choosing the material of buffer vibration vibration resistance materials before you it is necessary to know the following information: the frequency of the vibration is intermittent remains constant vibration, reciprocating and rotating things attack continuous vibration is still a continuous vibration of air pressure things attack. Leather or fabric appearance: soft cushion structure make hand skin feeling refreshed, GELFOM damping layer consists of two layers of rubber foam to protect GELFOM damping layer, this is a kind of the weakening of the aspirations and absorb vibration of the structure. Insulating gloves commonly used 12 kv rubber insulating gloves and 35 kv rubber insulating gloves. 12 kv rubber insulating gloves function: rubber insulating gloves, factory test voltage 12000 v. First used in the high voltage electrical equipment of more than 1000 v as adjuvant safety gear. Under the 1000 v low voltage electrical equipment as a basic and safe appliance. Note: 1, sleeve should be set into the mouth when working inside the mouth, in case of attack accident. 2, after using the table should be scrubbed clean dirt, after being monotonous, sprinkle with talcum powder is placed flat, in case of damage, do not put on the ground. 3, in the transport, storage should not and oil with the acid and alkali corrosion were class or other property, and away from heat source to 1 m, in drab ventilation – 15 ~ 30 degrees, relative humidity of warehouse in 50 ~ 80% deposit. 4, it is necessary that every six months on a voltage resistance function of retest.

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