Is faux suede better than real suede?

Suede leather refers to leather with a velvety surface, which is made from the front side of the leather (the side where hair or scales are grown) and is called velvet; the back side (meat side) of the leather is made from the ground and is called suede. . The two-layer suede made from the use of two-layer leather grind leather is called the two-layer suede. Since suede leather has no coating layer, its air permeability is better and its softness is improved, but its waterproof, dustproof and maintenance properties become worse, and the fastness of nubuck leather without grain becomes lower. Finished suede leather is comfortable to wear and has good hygienic properties. However, except for suede made by oil tanning, suede is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean and maintain. Mainly used for: leather shoes, leather clothing, leather bags, gloves.

With technological innovation, people began to use chemical fibers as raw materials to imitate suede. Warp knitted fabrics, woven fabrics or non-woven fabrics using superfine chemical fibers as raw materials were treated with polyurethane solution and then raised. It is sanded and then dyed and finished. This kind of fabric imitating animal suede is artificial suede, also known as imitation suede or suede. Imitation suede is suitable for making spring and autumn coats, coats, sweatshirts and other clothing and decorative articles, and can also be used as materials for shoe uppers, gloves, hats, sofa covers, wall coverings and electronic originals.

  1. Compared with the natural suede which is easy to shrink and harden when exposed to water, it is easy to be eaten by insects and is difficult to sew, this kind of faux suede with dense slender and soft short hairs on the surface is not only light and soft, but also smooth in hand. , Wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, and due to the dense and dense microporous structure between the fabrics, allowing more static air in the fabric, which can obtain better heat insulation and warmth.
  2. The faux suede is suitable for large-scale industrial production, and the feel and thickness can be customized according to customer needs. Product quality is stable and consistent. The raw material resources needed to manufacture synthetic suede are extensive and stable, which can meet market demand.
  3. The weight of faux suede is lighter than natural leather, and it has no inherent shortcomings of natural leather such as moth-eaten and mildew. Good acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, etc., no fading or discoloration problems.
  4. Compared with natural suede, faux suede does not use animal leather. For people who do not like animal products, it is an excellent leather substitute!

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