Since entering the 21st century, with the lack of natural leather capital as well as the composition of the rapid development of leather skills and make more nonwoven products have very good use, especially represented by acupuncture leather base cloth in the thick of the goods, because of its inherent simulation skin structure, being more produce leather manufacturer and customer recognition. The current domestic only requires acupuncture leather base cloth 240 million m a year, during which some senior also need to import goods.


As senior commodity composition leather, such as medium and high stripping goods, most choose polyester silk fiber blended, microfiber made or is to will be disposal after acupuncture leather base cloth. Because hair clear composite spinning skills, the size can be obtained from 0.1 — 0.01 D on island superfine fiber cloth base is wikipedia, contact leading skills, PU coating made of leather with the leather of good quality, namely, handle, strong, elastic, moisture permeability, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and so on have reached or exceed the level of natural leather, especially super fine nonwoven fabric, not only capital is low, and it breathable moisture permeability, uniformity, dyeing, easy workability and super The natural leather, reach realistic-looking degree.


Use the skills development of super real leather is the new products of the 20th century, the 21st century, the developed countries than real leather to develop quickly, in which senior of leather for the base material for the most part are chosen composite superfine fibre yield of acupuncture leather base cloth.


1 senior acupuncture leather base cloth market prospect


, high in acupuncture leather base cloth is nearly 10 years to launch new products, usually the primary used in shoes, bags, leather gloves, clothing, leather belt, vehicle seat cloth, etc. Especially to senior sneakers dosage is bigger, a senior interior is used to produce steam and apparel fabrics, meantime island superfine fiber leather base cloth made in fiber are using their common simulation function and carrying out quickly, trust it will help China’s top leather goods technology mature. Followed with shandong, yantai, shandong caxa, changshu composition leather factory produce microfiber line industrial safe, some strength strong private enterprises have also seen a broad vision, in microfiber mall as haihua peak temperature, state of the Yellow River, xiamen acquisitive letter, zhejiang meisheng, wuxi double as, jinjiang long fine company spent heavily to introduce equipment produces island fiber and microfiber cloth and microfiber leather, dragon type industrial operations.


2 senior acupuncture leather base cloth quality requirements


2.1 high stripping acupuncture leather base cloth


Medium and high stripping acupuncture usually leather base cloth is given priority to with polyamide fiber with must share polyester. Because of low initial modulus of polyamide fiber, small rigidity, strong wear resistance, soft cloth individuality, and high tear strength, peel strength big characteristic, is the first selection of high stripping acupuncture leather base cloth material. But because of polyamide fiber is expensive, relatively produced capital goods but also very high, so do people skills for leather New to search instead of its goods, produce a further fall in capital. High stripping usually give priority to with 5050, 5050 standard 0.9 mm thick commodity demand tear strength demand to reach 100 n, peel strength 150 n, fracture strength reach 550 n.


2.2 ground ShaGeJi cloth


Acupuncture after wet dip coating leather base cloth, and then through the frosted lines frosted disposal of goods is nubuck leather, imitation leather usually called cow leather, imitation sheepskin called sheep leather, referred to as the trademark for trademark leather, used for artificial suede garment leather. This commodity after frosted leather feels strong, and the price is higher, the mall, is often used to produce trademark leather, female boots, leather clothing and shoes, etc. Grinding ShaGe especially cow leather and artificial suede very strict demand for quality, needs good acupuncture wet exfoliating skills to be able smoothly produce.

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