Microfiber leather in the application of the shoe lining

Superfine fiber, also called micro fiber and fine denier fiber, English name microfiber. Ingredients mainly include POLYESTER, POLYESTER, polyamide POLYEMIDE two composition. We are here to say island fiber composition of COPET/PA after 30/70 through chemical dissolving constitute a one-component superfine fiber, single fiber degrees between 0.01 0.2 denier, the fiber fineness is 1/200 of a human hair, is 1/50 of the general chemical fiber, fiber strength is 5 times of general fiber (durability), adsorption ability, water absorption rate and water absorbing capacity is 10 times higher than the average fiber.


Superfine fiber shoe lining, is an island fiber through blending, opening, tidy up, web, first generation after acupuncture reinforcing primary products: island nonwoven fabric. And then to process after, such as PVA packing, PU containing leaching, alkali deweighting (fine), exfoliating, dyeing, after the packing process, such as the final form superfine fiber leather lining.


This kind of microfiber shoes lining is the same as the natural leather three-dimensional network structure, leading to the multi-channel processes behind after disposal, inside has many microporous structure, with its moisture breathable function, and both three-dimensional structure is still apparent structure and natural leather is very similar. And a variety of physical and chemical target is far higher than the natural leather, especially the resistance to chemical corrosion function. Superfine fiber shoes microfiber lining it resistant to acid and alkali, perspiration, etc.


Superfine fiber due to the diameter is small, so the folding strength is very small, fiber feel is very soft, and the soft touch with human body skin, very comfortable.


In the current footwear planning, for the planning in the shoes mainly include:


1, make feet dry and comfortable planning and data:


Absorb sweat, sweat release: inside the shoe of double layer separate construction planning, the use of sponge and guide the sweat of screen information.


Microfiber super absorbent, whose enormous specific surface area and abundant will sweat passed directly to the outside world. And then to absorb sweat, sweat release effect.


2, breathable, through planning, vent type, superfine fiber and all kinds of different ventilation planning and the use of different materials.


Special microporous structure ensures that the function of the microfiber is breathable, and three dimensional flexible structure, and very suitable for a foot movement.


Microfiber super thin wet sweat function and has the special three-dimensional elastic tissue, is other the textile leather shoes lining material used so far are incomparable. And its industrial production, is also the natural leather on the capital can’t compete with them. From the point of limited capital and maintenance of the ecological environment, as the best substitute of leather,  natural leather one day will be replaced by micro fiber leather.


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