The full name of microfiber leather is “microfiber reinforced leather”. It belongs to the newly developed pasty leather in synthetic leather. It belongs to a new type of leather. The fold fastness of microfiber leather is comparable to that of natural leather. Normal temperature bending reaches 200,000 times without cracks and low temperature (-20℃) bending 30,000 times without cracks (good temperature resistance and mechanical properties), moderate elongation (good skin feel), high tear strength and peel strength (resistant High abrasiveness, tearing force, high tensile strength), no pollution from production to use, superior environmental performance.

Microfiber leather is currently the artificial leather with the highest technological content. High-quality microfiber leather is stronger and more durable than genuine leather and has a high utilization rate. Generally, the normal service life of microfiber leather is 3-5 years, and the high-quality leather will be correspondingly longer. Microfiber leather has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, cold resistance, breathability, anti-aging, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance. It is the best choice to replace natural leather (first layer cowhide).

Practice has proved that the excellent properties of microfiber leather cannot be replaced by natural leather. According to market analysis, microfiber leather has largely replaced natural leather with insufficient resources. The use of microfiber leather for the decoration of bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture has been increasingly affirmed by the market. Its wide range of applications, large quantities, and many varieties cannot be satisfied by traditional natural leather.Some of the top microfiber leathers are highly technological and will be more expensive than real leather and are used in high-end applications. The appearance effect of microfiber leather is most like real leather, and its thickness uniformity, tear strength, color vividness and leather surface utilization are better than natural leather, and it has become the development direction of contemporary synthetic leather.


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