PU’s full name is polyurethane synthetic leather ,The advantages of PU leather is high permeability and strength, good toughness and abrasion resistance. The composition is protein, absorbing water is easy to expand deformation, the surface has pores, texture soft.

Microfiber PU leather is close to real leather fabric, maintains the soft nature of real leather, but also can achieve good air permeability. For leather, waterproof, water absorption is not easy to expand deformation.

Microfiber PU leather is a kind of environmental protection, waterproof, safty and odorless, breathable and high grade. Microfiber PU leather is better than ordinary leather for air permeability and wear resistance.At present, most of the car seats in high-end cars are made of microfibre PU leather.Leather is divided into head layer of leather and leather on the second floor, the first layer leather is great, but the price is more expensive, second floor leather at present in many areas has been replaced by the microfiber leather, because the microfiber leather performance is better than ordinary leather, and theprice is relatively cheap.

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WINIW Microfiber PU Leather is the highest quality PU leather for boots and shoes, looks and feels the same as genuine leather, soft & flexible, very good tear and tensile strength, excellent resistance to abrasion.

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