What’s Microfiber Leather?

 ♦The full name of microfiber leather is microfiber PU synthetic leather. Generally speaking, microfiber is made up of a layer of high-performance PU (polyurethane resin) and a microfiber base cloth. Its structure is the closest to real leather. The third generation of artificial leather following PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather.


 Microfiber leather is a non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional structure network made of ultra-fine short fibers through carding and needle punching processes, and then processed through wet processing, PU resin impregnation, dermabrasion, dyeing and finishing, and other processing techniques. Microfiber leather is made of PU polyurethane with microfibers, so the microfiber leather has super abrasion resistance, breathability and good flexibility. Therefore, sofas and other products made of microfiber leather have good air permeability and cold resistance. Microfiber leather is also very resistant to aging and is a very good material. The texture of microfiber leather is very similar to leather. It feels as soft as leather. It is difficult for outsiders to distinguish whether it is leather or recycled leather. It has the advantages of wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance. To some extent, some of its performance even surpasses real leather.

Therefore, microfiber leather is also widely used in sports shoes, women’s boots, car interiors, furniture sofas, high-end gloves and electronic product jackets. So far, microfiber leather has become the most ideal choice to replace natural leather. Presents a trend of rapid growth year by year.              




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