Basketball Leather Materials–PU Synthetic Leather

At first ,the basketball leather materials is the skin of animals,like cowhide or pigskin, and it  is made of chrome-tanned, usually dyed red and yellow, with a thickness of 2.0 ~ 3.5mm.

Lately ,as everyone’s environmental protection has become more and more strong, people advocate protecting animals and forbidding the use of animal skins.   The most common basketball leather material is PU ,PVC and rubber materials ,PU synthetic leatheris replacement for real animal leather .It has the some feels as real leather ,and much more cheaper than genuie leather ,PU faux leather can replace genuie leather perfectly .


Less quality leather surface disability, uniform thickness, small elongation and the longitudinal and transverse almost the same (so as not to make the ball after deformation), not loose not cracking, abrasion resistance and good waterproof, leather plump and elastic.

The general selection of PU,PVC and rubber material used on cement floor is better and exquisite.




WINIW supply high quality PU/Suede Microfiber leather, PU Synthetic Leather material for basket ball, football, volleyball, soccer, and other balls, etc.


Features of WINIW PU Synthetic Leather and Microfiber Leather:

1. Superior durability.

2. Excellent modulus of elasticity.

3. High abrasion resistance.

4. Enhanced absorption and desorption of moisture.

5. High quality and consistent quality.


6. Competitive price.
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