Insoles, close to the feet mexicana, we are not in, for example: this colourful f soil nurturing the person the tree of life. Form this kind of condition is the life of the old know and traditional concepts of livelihood. For one hundred years, the style of the traditional cloth shoes worn by Huang Heren says a lot about the actual: men wear round square opening mouth shoes, women’s shoes, is actually a “nature round place” the concept of international performance; The multi-layer patchwork of white cloth shoes with black cloth shoes the steamed stuffed bun making color, also is the criterion for Yin and Yang are two color combination. Shoes design source out of aesthetic concept connotation of brief, the pairs of insoles to present to create the appearance of, is working with the paper-cut “cornucopia” “buckle bowl” of life such as container, has the same metaphor.


Insoles some only gives a lace and plump and continuous images, a more traditional style is by day, people, and three of them can be divided into shoes Head, kidneys, followed by three some. Toe to heaven, its image as the deformation of the moon and stars; Kidney for the form, have more performance, the image looks simple but elegant, don’t have a meaning perhaps may just as well as the “double happiness” “miss” “are looking” and other words; Then cross border with some ornaments, satisfied with the plate of bowel and table in the north and south, east and west “star back to sweet”, etc. This kind of style found in places such as gansu, north 陜 hengshan, actually more style has been broken three times, through every other like as a whole.


From the embroidery sample image of the form and can be divided into two categories: the kind found in xinzhou, Shanxi Province and luliang area dark light color embroidery and light color dark Embroidery insoles, animals, insects, birds and flowers and figures for fish lotus, lotus bird, its shape like that, the meaning clearly, the color contrast is intense, more used for wedding or funeral custom; Another kind of see more at 陜 north, Inner Mongolia and other places, embroidered sample image as the main, mostly traditional cross, rice word, word symbols such as well. Color into the five elements, the five colours – based to outshine each other in the feeling of elegance dignitaries; Shape points of Yin and Yang, Yang is representational lotus leaves, the peach blossom, the more symbols, such as the remaining space and by continuous form of the combination of point, line and plane good Yin, Yin and Yang to take care of each other, complement each other alternate, flat temporary plumply decorated with multidimensional space and time.




Insoles, is used in the days of old rags, pasting together, about 35 layer made of thick hard cloth, plus two layer bottom lining face cloth To make a sample of sole, embroidered on it after all kinds of graphics into embroidery insoles. Of course, among the people there are very few of the simple for art works of art, again finely embroider insoles is also used to cushion shoes. To choose and make this kind of hand art work is the norm here almost all the women, while more at the same time they can round big and male us hoe to do physical labor. But this kind of manual comes from the heart, we too the quiet day for rural female Son, be absorbed in the work, they natural touches being, like the tie, all manual, can cut specialty in the embroidery.

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