Where is the future of artificial leather

Artificial leather entrepris should  focus on development of environmental protection and the Internet on the way for the future, because if do bad, on the environmental development is really struggling, the development of the Internet is certainly can be a lot of ascension from the sales and popularity.

There has been a trend in recent years: the leather industry has grown faster and faster.China leather industry, as a traditional labor-intensive industry, has been developing for more than 30 years, and has become the world’s real leather producing country.In the past 30 years, the leather industry has driven the rapid development of the industry with the low cost and the growth of the export volume, but lacks the competitive ability in the independent brand, product innovation and marketing.


The industry as a whole is in basically stable situation, especially the development momentum of automobile leather, which will be the highlight of the industry growth in the next five years.Enterprises need to pay attention to this and work hard on quality, process and cost.


Leather enterprise will be subject to public supervision, to meet the new emission standards, widespread adoption of cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction technology, quickly eliminate the energy-intensive, highly polluting production technology and process, the construction of low carbon economy has become the trend of The Times leather.


Artificial leather

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