According to the raw materials, leather can be divided into:

1.Cowhide、cow leather、oxhide:  The surface pores of the yellow bovine skin are round and the pores are tight and uniform. The pores of the buffalo skin are thicker than the yellow bovine skin, but the pores are scarce and the texture is not as delicate as the yellow bull skin.



2.Sheepskin、goat:The pores of the surface are flat and round, and the pores are small and arranged in a fish scale. The pores are usually composed of several pores, and the leather is soft and elastic.

3.Pigskin、hogskin:The pores of the surface are round and bulky, and they are inclined to go deep into the leather. The permutations of pores are usually three pore groups. The skin surfaces are many small triangles, and the elastic is poor and the leather is thicker. Usually in our recommended footwear, as lining material.

4.Horsehide:The pore of horse skin surface is flat circle, than sheepskin is clear, leather is more hard, pore arrangement is very regular, it is a few pore make a group arrangement, the hand feels thick and hard.

5.Porosus、Crocodile、Alligator:Because crocodile scarcity, growth speed is slow, production cost is extremely high, and can be used as crocodile is limited to the crocodile, narrow part of the abdomen, so the crocodile of platinum in leather, is famous for its luxurious rarity, normally just on we recommend expensive watches.Crocodile skin beauty in natural gradient of the grid line, although inelastic, but the texture is very strong, it is said that as long as the proper maintenance will be more polished, more and more pliable.

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