The difference Between Eco-Friendly Leather, Microfiber Leather, And Genuine Leather

“Environmentally friendly leather” is a popular term, not a very accurate concept. It is more reliable to call “environmental protection leather” as “leather that meets certain environmental protection standards.” This kind of environmental protection leather can be PVC leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, or natural leather.

The feel of microfiber leather is similar to leather. The biggest difference between artificial leather and leather is that leather has natural pores that can dissipate heat and air, while artificial leather does not. For example, some people can get athlete’s foot when wearing artificial leather shoes but not when wearing leather shoes. That’s because the leather has natural pores.

As the name implies, real leather is non-artificial leather. It is the original ecological leather of animals. Eco-friendly leather also has real leather and artificial leather. The leather can be treated in an environmentally friendly manner, or it can be made as a general process.

Microfiber leather is super wear-resistant and resistant to aging. Generally, there are two extreme prices. The first is cheaper than real leather but more expensive than ordinary artificial leather. The second special material is super expensive, such as the bottom of the kayak to reduce resistance, and the diving jacket. , Some need microfiber leather wear-resistant parts and so on.

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