What if there is a Crack in the Leather Coat?

Leather clothes are not only versatile, but also take a long time to wear. However, if you don’t pay attention to proper maintenance in private, there will be cracks or even peeling. But don’t worry. Here are some tips for repairing leather clothes with cracks or peeling.

Coup 1: If the single-layer leather coat is not lined, you can choose to cut the cracked part into a small circle. You can draw a circle on the back for assistance before cutting, and then add a piece of leather of the same color, or lace. It is very beautiful, making your leather coat unique.
Coup 2: If you have double skin, you can use the popular cloth to sew or paste it on the cracked place, and find an icon suitable for your leather clothing decoration. The rest is manual work to ensure that others can’t see it at all.
Coup 3: Sticking and mending of small cracks.
When there is a small crack in the leather clothing, the crack should be laid flat on the desk, coated with acrylic resin, then align the crack, and dry it with a blow dryer. After drying, the crack will be nowhere to be found.
Coup 4: Sticking and mending of large breach.
When there is a big break in the leather clothing, first flatten the break on the table, take a piece of Yuan spinning lining slightly larger than the break, put it into the opening and lay it under the break, then apply the leather adhesive into the break, and then align the seam neatly. Place a layer of cotton cloth on the breach, press it with an iron and set it. When the leather surface is flat, remove the cloth and dry it with a blow dryer. If there is any trace, it can be coated with the same color paste, so that no damage trace can be seen. If the whole garment is painted, the damaged part will not be found.
Coup 5: PU skin is lost due to long-time friction, or a small piece is lost and can not be found. In this case, the first thing to do is to clean up the place where the skin has been lost, and then go to the store to buy a bottle of leather anti skin spray with a color similar to that of the leather garment, and spray it evenly on the place where the skin has been lost.

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