Cleaning microfiber leather, like most leathers, requires certain cleaning techniques so that it can be cleaned easily and easily. There is no big difference between cleaning microfiber leather and ordinary leather, but because of the uniqueness of microfiber leather, there are still some points to pay attention to when cleaning. The following is a summary of six points to note when cleaning microfiber leather, let’s take a look at it.

  • After the microfiber leather is slightly dirty, use common eraser to wipe it off gently, then use soft brush to brush off the dirty slag; serious dirty water scrub, do not use other organic solvent to prevent the quality from being damaged. Lightly brush the surface to restore the natural pile; sewing fabric, be sure to pay attention to the difference between the front and back of the fabric.
  • Use of suede products to minimize contact with fabrics of contrasting colors and rubbing each other.
  • Please do not put dark fabrics and light fabrics at the same time mixed wash.
  • Some fabrics with different orientation of the fleece, or different viewing angles, may produce the illusion of different colors. This is due to the different direction of light reflection, not the fabric itself has a color difference.
  •  After washing do not put in the sun exposure, slightly wipe, put in the shade to dry naturally.
  •  To use alkaline detergent cleaning, and cleaning water temperature does not exceed 25 ℃.

    The above is the introduction of several methods and points to note for effective cleaning of microfiber leather, hope it can provide a little reference for you to clean the microfiber leather simply and effectively.

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