Wrought iron furniture refers to through the artistic processing of metal products for the primary data or partial decoration materials and furniture. 1, wrought iron furniture manufacturing Primary data is iron, wrought iron furniture, other such as cloth and wood. In the wood as the main body of the household space, use made of wrought iron tea table, glass tables, leisure chairs, flower arrangement, such as window set match, has become the most families choose. Wrought iron furniture technology: wrought iron furniture and metal furniture, materials after stamping, forging, casting, moulding, bending, welding and other processing technology can obtain all kinds of shapes. With the secondary processing technology such as electroplating, spraying, apply the plastic appearance in place. Then usually choosing welding, screws, pins and other connection to install. The characteristics of the 2, wrought iron furniture Wrought iron furniture suits to put in the bedroom with modern style. Next to us the characteristics of the detailed introduction, wrought iron furniture. anti-aging Wrought iron furniture, long service life, in addition to iron their own qualities, wrought iron furniture will be on the outer layer of paint, prevent oxidation, thus has the characteristics of anti-aging. Mix strong sex Wrought iron furniture to “metal + cloth art” and the combination of “metal + real wood”, no matter what kind of mixing method, can find the appropriate mix method, decorate outstanding role.

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