Method 1: Egg White and Shoe Polish
This method should be the simplest one. Prepare egg white and shoe polish with the same color as the bag, mix them together, evenly smear them on the peeled part, put them in a ventilated place to dry, and then wipe them with a soft towel, and wipe them evenly. However, egg white is easy to get, but shoe polish of the same color is not easy to get. Egg white protein can effectively repair the skin breaking problem of leather bags.
Method 2:Repair with Nursing Oil
The problem of skin loss of some bags is not very serious. The color of the leather is relatively light, and can be directly smeared with bag care oil. Some bags can be covered with care oil, and the repair effect is also very good.
Method 3:Skin Repair
We can collect some leather with the same or similar materials and colors. We will use professional repair glue to cut the leather into a proper size and stick it to the part where the skin has fallen. However, this method is quite professional. The craftsman suggests that you should let a professional leather repairer repair it for you to ensure a better repair effect.
Method 4:Decoration Covering
The skin of many bags is very serious, and the repair effect of shoe polish and veneer is not beautiful. At this time, you can cover a cartoon pattern, flower pattern or logo pattern on the part where the skin of the bag is removed. The effect of covering with ornaments is better. Simple repair may have different effects.

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