Summary Of The Development History Of Microfiber Synthetic Leather

The concept of MiCro fiber originated from Japan, and the refinement of the fiber started from the imitation of silk. Japan can be regarded as the origin of microfiber leather.

As early as 1970, Japanese Toray Company developed suede-like clothing fabrics, using 0.05D (0.05 denier, equivalent to 1/22 of silk) ultra-fine polyester to produce suede-style suede leather Began to debut, unveiling the prelude to the era of microfiber. With the development of the Japanese microfiber synthetic leather industry and the continuous upgrading of consumers’ demand for the performance of synthetic fabrics, the Japanese synthetic fiber industry entered a modification period that imitated natural fibers in the 1970s. However, the modification that simply imitated the properties of natural fibers could not meet the needs of consumers. By the 1980s, the Japanese synthetic fiber industry was left in the cold. Faced with this fact, major Japanese chemical fiber companies started from a brand-new concept-microfiber is a new fiber material with unlimited potential-and started new challenges with human wisdom and efforts.

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