Besides brand, price, power, space and so on, the interior design of the car is also a point of interest.The most common are real leather, wood and plastic. The first two appear to be more upscale, and the plastic looks cheap.But with the advancement of science and technology, interior materials are becoming more and more varied, such as carbon fiber and alcantara.Today we’re talking about alcantara material, which is synonymous with luxury.


Alcantara  It’s more expensive than leather.

Real leather + peach wood interior, there is a classic elegant luxurious wind, and carbon fiber + alcantara, is a kind of extreme sport and passion combination. Alcantara is a kind of feel like fur material, but it is not leather, invented by the Japanese in the 1970 s, the composition is 68% polyester and 32% of polyurethane, is a kind of synthetic material.


So what’s the advantage of alcantara? The leather is smooth and not wear-resistant, and the long time will appear in the corner of the hair, very unattractive. And the alcantara friction coefficient is very high, especially suitable for the steering wheel and seat, fierce driving is not easy to slip.

And although alcantara is a kind of synthetic material, feel is similar to the fur, but are much more delicate, it has a very exquisite and soft handle, feels very comfortable, it should be said that far more than leather and fur.

In addition, alcantara has excellent durability, anti-fouling, and fire resistance. Use it to make seats or some interior wraps, except for human damage, and there will be no wear or tear. So many luxury cars will use alcantara as the interior package material, such as roof, front center, steering wheel and so on.





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