To tell real suede from faux suede, simply look at the labels. The label may say polyester or polyurethane for faux suede. Real suede is often deliberately mislabeled, unfortunately. If labels are missing, check the retail price. Faux suede is usually much cheaper than real suede.
Real suede is made from the underside of animal hides. Its production often occurs in countries where animal welfare laws are non-existent. There is no easy way to trace what animal was killed to make suede products you find in high street stores.

Faux suede is also water-repellent. You can try a water test to differentiate real suede. Fake suede won’t absorb any liquid, whereas genuine suede made from animal skins generally will.

You can tell if polyester or polyurethane is used with the look, feel, and smell of the item if you are familiar with leather products like suede. Fake suede often has a synthetic, plastic, or chemical look, feel, and smell that real suede doesn’t have.

Real suede has some imperfections, grain, and small bumps throughout the skin. In comparison, faux suede is almost perfect and also lightweight, a little lighter than real suede.

Real suede tends to get better looking and softer over time. In contrast, faux suede is fully synthetic and maintains a consistent look and feel throughout its life.

However, the appeal of fake suede is its appearance and texture close to that of genuine suede. It’s difficult to tell the difference just by looking at it.


Is Leather Better than Suede?

Suede is a luxury fabric well-known for its soft surface, texture, and hand feel. It’s made from the underside of young animal hides to preserve quality. Leather is stronger and more durable than suede because it’s thicker, heavier, and made from the exterior of animals.


Does Suede Last a Long Time?

Suede is a leather-like, durable material that lasts a long-time. It’s soft, smooth, delicate, and commonly made from the skins of young animals. So it isn’t as strong and tough as thick leather but can last several years.

Is Suede Waterproof?

Suede is made from animal skins and isn’t waterproof. It needs to be treated with a special coating or waterproofing spray made from synthetic chemicals to shield its surface from water.

Suede is a very soft and delicate leather-like material that isn’t water-resistant naturally. Most manufacturers use a special treatment to enhance fabric properties and make them resistant to harsh weather.


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