For Whatever Reasons, Leather Is Already Not The Best Seat Fabric Anymore 


These few days, a news had shocked my heart with waves.Foreign journalists have visited the arctic fox farm in Poland, where the environment is quite shocking.
In order to get a larger area of fur, these beautiful and cute ” little guys”were in captivity in a cage to ” gain weight “. Arctic foxes in the wild can generally grow to 3.5 kilograms, but the arctic foxes in farm are fattened up to 19 kilograms. The Overweight makes their limbs can not bear, they can only sit in the cage ,difficult to move,being born into the ” monster “.

The arctic fox’s miserable story, is only because it has a beautiful fur. It is said that No buying and selling, there is no killing. In realistic life there are many people admire animal fur products very much  – such as car leather seats. The price of leather seats are obviously more expensive, so the question is, expensive one must be good enough? Do the rest seat materials really meaningless?

Of course not! Lets see the most common seat cover materials that used in cars:

Fabric Material

The main material of fabric seat is flannelette or chemical fiber,
but for many people’s feeling, the fabric seat is a low-end pronoun, often used in low-end models or entry-level models.
The fabric seat has certain defects, because fabric has certain adsorption, so usually cleaning of dust is relatively troublesome. Especially if people accidentally spill drinks or colored liquid, cleaning up is very troublesome.

However,  when compare to leather seats, fabric seats have a great advantage. Firstly, fabric does not easily being damaged, it has longer life without aging; Secondly, friction of cloth seat is stronger, sit does not cause any slip; In addition, the cost of repair and replacement of fabric seat is lower; Moreover, it does not feel either iced in winter ,or hot in summer .


Leather Material
The cortex used in the seats, include natural animal skin or chemical synthetic leather, they are the most popular seat material for consumers, even it become an important standard for many consumers when choosing a car.
For example, the ” nappa leather” in recent years is highly welcomed and become one synonym for high-end luxury cars.
The advantages of the leather, are with soft feel and obviously people have better feeling when sit on it. In addition, leather seats are also easily for clean up, whether it is dust or liquid,just wipe it off with a cloth.
But the disadvantages are also obvious, first of all it is vulnerable for sharp items, easily aging too; Secondly, maintenance cost is high; In addition, It feels either iced in winter or hot in summer, that is why leather seats always need very good ventilation and heating.

Faux Leather Material

If strictly define all faux leather artificial leather, include PVC, PU and microfiber leather, but ordinary consumers  collectively refer to them as artificial leather. In theory, natural leather is better than artificial leather.

However, with progress of technology, artificial leather is constantly moving towards to real leather, some of them have gone beyond the natural leather, such as microfiber leather- its full name call microfiber synthetic leather.





Microfiber leather is added in PU polyurethane, its toughness,permeability and resistance has been further strengthened. It has excellent resistance, excellent cold resistance, good air permeability and aging resistance. The various kinds of leather have the following relations in theory.

Life Span: Microfiber Leather > Full Grain Leather > Split Leather ≈ PU > PVC;

Strength: Microfiber Leather >  Full Grain Leather > Split ≈ PU> PVC;

Comfort: Leather  > Microfiber Leather >  Split Leather ≈ PU > PVC.

Therefore, there is no need to require seats made of natural animal skin anymore , microfiber synthetic leather in overall has better performance than natural leather.

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