Animal cooked leather, chemical fiber making bags of usual care

Animal cooked leather, chemical fibre bags of regulating animal usually cooked leather bags: 1. After being wet wipe with a soft cloth to catch in the gloomy and cold place after dry. 2. When the hands dirty when highlighted from the animal skin, please special dirt separator. But because some run out rub off work situation, such as it is necessary to implement without visible first try, please. Also, because of the glue water animal cooked skin decontamination device […]

Environmental protection of leather tanning agent Effectively protect the fiber

Leather tanning agent is a very important chemical materials in footwear. Have neutral buffer effect, apply various face neutralization, useful fiber maintenance, avoid and excessive cause loose surface; Alone or with sodium formate, carbon ammonia, baking soda and other mixed use; Can also cooperate with other retanning material utilization, make retanning agent even soaked; Have levelling effect, without losing color.
Leather tanning agent and gentle; Not only light resistance, good heat resistance; And other tanning agent can soak; Suitable for […]

Green ecological leather is leather industry development trend in the future

When China during leather making career has entered the industrial progress, after state of science and technology, progress commodity center competition force, progress value-added goods. Other, ultrasonic skills, electronic skills, microwave, high pressure, nano skills are already used in leather category, etc. Green ecological leather and special effect leather is leather industry development trend in the future.
Leather industry top ten events in 2011
In 2011, the Chinese leather association announced before the onset of the leather industry ten big matter, […]

A brief classification of leather gloves

Leather gloves is known as one of the most old gloves, head layer cowhide, goat, pig and sheep leather, glove is made, these leather and not easy to be damaged, long using life spans and fine processing and disposal of making leather gloves wear comfortable, catch the goods accurately and other leather gloves have heat and insulation function better interests.
The first layer leather:
The outermost layers of leather, some from the skin of leather, the leather does not need any […]

Microfiber leather in the application of the shoe lining

Superfine fiber, also called micro fiber and fine denier fiber, English name microfiber. Ingredients mainly include POLYESTER, POLYESTER, polyamide POLYEMIDE two composition. We are here to say island fiber composition of COPET/PA after 30/70 through chemical dissolving constitute a one-component superfine fiber, single fiber degrees between 0.01 0.2 denier, the fiber fineness is 1/200 of a human hair, is 1/50 of the general chemical fiber, fiber strength is 5 times of general fiber (durability), adsorption ability, water absorption rate and water […]

The health benefits of magnetic therapy insoles

Follow the general improvement in the quality of life, life environment is improved, the health care became everybody attaches great importance to the thesis. Aging, and the family health is also attaches great importance to the main points of the all.
Magnet therapy insoles, it is a kind of made from silica gel materials and biomimetic magnet magnetic therapy massage insoles products. Embedded magnet is put a foot in accordance with the human body acupuncture point, through the health care […]

PU shoes materials modified into PVU or into a shoe to be bestowed favor on newly

Whether on product variety, is still on the application performance, since the early 20th century sole data complete industrial production, the sole materials have endless.
In recent years, the most exciting is presented combining sole. Nowadays, shoes materials business also presented a have extremely strong skid resistance and wear resistance of new lightweight material – pvus. PVU is using scientific formula, combined with advanced blow molding skill development and become a high-tech materials, is an improvement of traditional PU shoes materials and different, this […]

The history of the embroidery insoles and craft and culture

Insoles, close to the feet mexicana, we are not in, for example: this colourful f soil nurturing the person the tree of life. Form this kind of condition is the life of the old know and traditional concepts of livelihood. For one hundred years, the style of the traditional cloth shoes worn by Huang Heren says a lot about the actual: men wear round square opening mouth shoes, women’s shoes, is actually a “nature round place” the concept of […]

How to save the leather

How to accurately keep leather products?
1, no matter the light face remains suede every one cannot suffer severe conflict and pull cut.
2, light items to keep clean, often cleaning maintenance, if the appearance of dirt to the interior cortex, could not wash clean.
3, leather can not when a raincoat to wear, if get wet should hurry up with a dry towel to make it boring, hanging in a dry ventilated place. Can’t straight in the sun.

The maintenance of the leather shoes

Low clean leather little knowledge By in leather shoes, it whether comfortable, support, and natural, waterproof, breathable are the best. When it slightly be affected with damp be affected with damp, leather will absorb, still make your feet comfortable. But when it just once the bubble water, can make the leather tight, contraction, and become not easy dry. Supply some simple Suggestions here, can let the shoes after using for a long time, still can keep it as is, and […]