The maintenance method of suede leather garments

(a) suede garment leather washing method 1. Wash: first, A little, with A brush dipped in suede leather cleaner directly at the heavy dirty suede garment leather (the front neckline, cuffs, and mouth, etc.) brush net, quietly placed at the mercy of 10 minutes; 2. The suede garment leather is put into fully automatic drum washing machine, according to the different degree of grime in garment weight 2% – 2% of suede leather cleaner (about 20 grams of mercy), […]

How to distinguish the fur quality and the choose and buy

Although the quality is not resolution offer specific elements, but for consumers, it is undoubtedly the most important element. Can you will encounter such a situation should: two pieces of same brand, producing area, the same type of mink coat emblem have different quotation, the distinction is that between them has a different quality. There are no two pieces of the same fur, the better the fur is natural the more expensive.
A: what’s the difference fur quality
Although the quality […]

Imitation leather clothing style vogue is novel And more lightsome

Leather is made of polyurethane and polyester fiber and other chemical fiber processing and imitation leather texture of materials.
At first glance, and leather products without the jacket and skirt, but in fact, this is made of chemical fiber processing, similar to the leather texture of fabric artificial leather, this kind of cloth because of its light texture, brief maintenance and become popular outdoor clothing materials.
Imitation leather clothing style fashion novel And more lightsome
In general, than have heavy feeling more […]

Leather: maintenance care nots allow to ignore

Accompanied with the progress of science and technology level of progress and all days, Chinese people enjoy the level of the leather products become more and more high, leather is see more of the consumer goods, together is a kind of “delicate” goods, demand has elaborate maintenance and professional maintenance, to extend its service life. Hence the birth of leather maintenance profession, now has gradually by people, under today’s leather maintenance market is very huge, some characteristic features of […]

New trends of the status quo and development of synthetic leather base material

Leather goods are divided into natural leather and artificial leather, with the increase of the world economy and people life level unceasing enhancement, the growing demand for leather. Since 1990 s, however, as countries increase the intensity of the maintenance to the environment, implemented the “return grazing land to returning farmland to forest, such as ecological recovery method, makes the leather production is falling, artificial synthetic leather part is being increasingly used instead of real leather, so to compensate […]

High-grade acupuncture leather base cloth and its new technology

Since entering the 21st century, with the lack of natural leather capital as well as the composition of the rapid development of leather skills and make more nonwoven products have very good use, especially represented by acupuncture leather base cloth in the thick of the goods, because of its inherent simulation skin structure, being more produce leather manufacturer and customer recognition. The current domestic only requires acupuncture leather base cloth 240 million m a year, during which some senior […]

The definition of renewable leather leather and artificial leather

Regenerated leather technology:
Is to leather fiber, mixed crosslinking fiber, resin and other additives. Its technical process is: leather or regenerated leather material into must scale of skin fiber, and then with the natural rubber, resin and other material, after mixing, compresses it into filter cake; Heat the filter cake, make its surface fiber melt viscosity, each layer of kneading, glue, dehydration, dry, slice, embossing and appearance treatment after get all goods. Primary features: regeneration characteristics of both leather and PU […]

Maintenance and leather industry knowledge leather gloves collection method is introduced

Wearing a winter sheepskin gloves how to maintenance? How listen to others said can’t wash with water, maintenance, storage? The following maintenance, will teach you the correct storage solution.
Leather gloves maintenance and preservation method is introduced
(a) avoid water: water swells, soft leather fibre, distorts the leather gloves.
(2) avoid roast: leather gloves after be affected with damp be affected with damp, should be put in ventilated dry place, let the moisture to evaporate, exposure of avoid by all means or […]

How should we maintain leather bag

How should we maintain leather handbags, leather strong absorption, anti-fouling, should be paid attention to pay particular attention to, high-grade frosted leather and is the maintenance of shiny leather, please use a little leather and maintenance for oil stained on the soft cloth, and friction force on the leather; Lacklustre leather maintenance, only need to gently dry with cloth at ordinary times, if dirt serious when, can try with similar rubber rubber wiped gently to remove.
Should be paid attention […]

How to maintain leather sofa

Leather has good heat resistance, resistance to wet and ventilation properties, such as leather sofa in the daily clean, how to wash brush is the key. The focus of the leather sofa maintenance is also our home health, together with the following to learn the knowledge of leather sofa maintain.
A, sofa should be placed in ventilated, dry place, it is best not to let the sun sofa, lest fade leather; Don’t let air conditioning blows straight, in order to […]