The definition of renewable leather leather and artificial leather

Regenerated leather technology:


Is to leather fiber, mixed crosslinking fiber, resin and other additives. Its technical process is: leather or regenerated leather material into must scale of skin fiber, and then with the natural rubber, resin and other material, after mixing, compresses it into filter cake; Heat the filter cake, make its surface fiber melt viscosity, each layer of kneading, glue, dehydration, dry, slice, embossing and appearance treatment after get all goods. Primary features: regeneration characteristics of both leather and PU leather, leather fabric is now very common. The same with genuine leather, bonded leather has hygroscopic, permeability, good work also has the same leather softness, elasticity, light texture, high and low temperature tolerance of strong, wear-resisting of pole. Its lack of equality is the difference in the intensity of the thickness of the dermis, and worse than PU, of course, is not suitable for making shoe force large leather goods, etc. Due to the production technology of regenerated leather contrast sensitivity, and can be adjusted in real time, and by adding the dosage of the natural latex, changes in technology formula, the same can make all kinds of different hardness, different intensity of goods to compensate for the lack of her own. Its appearance in the late processing similar to PU, recycled leather in appearance, texture and color is not only the innovation, the new product emerge in endlessly through designs. More importantly she competitive offer, is only one over ten of the genuine leather, PU microfiber, three times as very good value, high cost performance.


The varieties of leather and to identify the difference


Leather is divided into natural leather (leather), recycled leather, artificial leather (PU/PVC). Leather are cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, or some other animals off the original skin, after tannery processing, made from a variety of characteristics, strength, handle, color, pattern leather material, is the necessary information of modern leather products. Leather is usually by the epidermal layer (remove), the dermis, the reticular layer, leather (out) at the grass-roots level, etc. Meanwhile, cattle leather, sheepskin, and pigskin leather is used three leather material.


A, leather, leather and head skin and skin difference on the second floor.


(1) : the head skin refers to with a grain of cattle, sheep, pig skin (dermis), such as leather have natural special texture effect. Imported leather and possibly trace. All full grain can from the thickness and pore density difference is in what kind of animal leather. There are kinds of leather, such as: cow leather (grazing cattle leather, leather, cowhide, bull leather, not castrated bull leather and castrated bull leather), buffalo hide, cow leather, yak skin and skin of zho, cattle leather best belong to shandong, henan provinces in China and central China, but China’s leather capital shortage (such as the United States, Brazil beef exporter incidence rate is the most profitable). Cow leather is a buffalo hide pore fine and dense, grain fine flat. Buffalo hide pore is thick and thin, is single, grain AoTuGan, buffalo hide in sichuan, jiangxi and other parts of the is better, but capital is relatively short (such as India and Egypt area more); Sheep skin first sheep skin, goatskin, gambolling. Skin pores are more fine more dense, special texture like copper. Goats for shoemaking, sheep for more clothes. Sheepskin in sichuan, hubei and other places the best (the capital of Australia’s most profitable, and wide thick skin). Pigskin for hairy rules are 3 root a handful of “product” glyph spread, so it is easy to difference, usually use artificial breeding pig skin, and skin. Other like ostrich, crocodile, short nose crocodile fish, lizards, snakes, bullfrog, ocean fish, there’s a shark, cod, SLATE cod croaker fish, eels, pearl, etc.), freshwater fish (such as grass carp, carp fish have scales) and so on also is to make the original data. Also have used as senior clothing hairy skin, professional call fur or fur, such as: fox, silver fox skin, blue fox, etc.), the Wolf skin, dogskin valuable water mink, rabbit skin and various rare and precious animal skins, etc.


(2) : second floor skin without the dermis, is a fibrous tissue (network layer), chemical materials cover the spraying or in PVC, PU film processing and become, as a result, the difference between head skin and useful way of skin on the second floor, leather longitudinal section of the fiber density was investigated. By head skin is thick and thin dermis and closely together constitute a little loose reticular layer, with outstanding strength, elasticity and plasticity and other characteristics. 2 are as long as the loose skin layer of fibrous tissue (network layer), as long as the ability after spraying chemical material or mill used to make leather products, it keeps its natural elasticity and plasticity technology must feature, but strength is a bit poor, with the first layer of skin deep like its practices requirements. Is not the same it has a fluffy effect, can produce a series of different from the role of the first layer. Yak wool and pig hair usually use more, and scrubbing technology for special deer velvet. And for now prevail in manufacturing all kinds of leather, leather processing technology some different, but the difference method is the same.


Second, the bonded leather: also called chaff leather paper abroad.


Will cost of various animals, leather and leather scraps from the damaged deployment of chemical material processing. The appearance processing technology is the same as leather face, embossed leather is the same, its characteristic is the skin marginal is neat, high utilization ratio and offer cheap; But the skin is usually thicker, strength is poorer, briefcase, rod bags, only suitable for manufacturing parity clubs set of goods and affordable belts, finalize the design technologies such as the longitudinal section fibrous tissue even common, are recognized liquid mixing and coagulation effect of fiber.


Three, artificial leather, also called imitation leather or rubber, PVC and PU is the floorboard of the artificial data. And microfiber leather, which is the best leather substitute.


It is on the textile duct or non-woven base, by all sorts of different formulations of PVC and PU foam or laminating processing manufacturing and become, can according to the different strength, wear-resisting, cold resistant degrees and a color and luster, speckle figure case demand such as processing, pattern variety, good waterproof performance, keep out appearance neat, high utilization ratio and offer relatively cheap real leather characteristics, but the vast majority of artificial leather, its handle and elastic is unable to be real leather effect; Its longitudinal section, you can see the fine bubble hole, cloth base or the surface of thin film and dry dry artificial fibers. It is early to always to now is very popular a kind of data, be in used to produce all kinds of leather products, or part of the leather materials. It is increasingly leading manufacturing technology, are are widely used in second floor leather processing and manufacturing. Now, like a feature of genuine leather artificial leather in a growing, its looks technology extreme the fibrous tissue, can reach the role of the leather, the price is appropriate. But real leather and artificial leather (renewable leather and artificial leather) cannot than: common health (natural pores and fiber) and durability.


From the level of the leather points: all full grain > half full grain > light repair face > rebuild face


Points: from leather softness of chrome tanned leather > half tanned skin > whole plant tanned skin graft (skin)


From leather personality practice points: oil wax, water dyed leather, grain leather, wax napa leather, leather, embossed leather, light skin, USES, the paster skin face, paint, printing of skin, skin, the skin of crack, etc. Very much, because you touch is benzene, phenol, alkyl, alkene chemicals, is very harmful to human body, if factory does not have outstanding protective measures, with a high likelihood of aplastic anemia, and cancer.


Chaff bonded leather (leather paper) is to use leather waste and leather processing occurs in the process of edge horn broken material, back after processed into high value-added goods, leather goods, shoes, furniture and other related leather manufactures throughout the use of auxiliary materials. Chaff as a center of interlining, bonded leather (leather paper), with its unique texture, flexibility, toughness, resistance to wet ability and replaces cardboard processing adaptability. As fabric, bonded leather by embossing and printing, and PU composite can appear all sorts of function, widely used in leather goods, furniture, books, etc for the cover. According to incomplete statistics, China’s current need to be imported from abroad each year more than 8400 tons of raw hides, the intention to be success, to fill the gaps in China to produce raw hides.

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